Film director, producer, and art director at the Third Sector Laboratory of Social Film.

Olga Arlauskas In 2010, together with Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, she founded the documentary film studio ArtVideo that specializes in the production of social documentaries and TV projects. She is a member of Russian Non-Fiction Film and Television Guild. Since 2015, she has been actively promoting and developing Social Films and Social Impact Films as part of the Third Sector (NGO) Laboratory for Social Films. She has won three awards from the Stalker Film Festival. She is the winner of the Laurel Branches Award for the film Label; winner of the National Prize “Country” for the film In Aut; winner of the National Festival of Debuts “Movement” for the film Straightening Sigh; winner of the Saratov film festival “Sufferings” for the film In the Image and Likeness; winner of the Grand Prix of the festival “Look at Me as An Equal” for the film Svoi ne Svoi (Yours are not yours); winner of international film festivals “We speak. Culture Unplugged», and the Russian Film Festival in New York, and others.